First thing to do is to book your flight either by calling us or using the online booking system

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Dress appropriately for your flight. Closed shoes that you can run in are essential. Other clothing is weather dependent but we suggest long trousers and a windbreaker.
On hot days, please bring sun block, a hat and water!


We meet at the flying site.


We will brief you on what to do during take off and the flight.

We will ask you to sign an indemnity form provided by the South African Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (SAHPA). This provides you with membership of the Association for the day and 3rd party insurance. You can have a look at the form here.

We take every effort to make the flight as safe as possible but there is some risk in paragliding, as with most sports, and you need to acknowledge this fact.

Pilot and client briefing before a flight

We will make a final decision to fly based on the prevailing conditions.

Wind check before a flight

We will get you kitted up! Helmet first and then we strap you into your harness.

Getting kitted up before the tandem flight

Your pilot will check the paraglider and make it ready for take off!

Tandem canopy check before a flight

You and your pilot will be connected to each other and to the tandem paraglider (a larger than normal paraglider designed for flying 2).

Connecting the harnesses of pilot and client

Once conditions are good and after a final check of all straps we will take a few steps forward to pull the glider into the sky and then run in the direction previously indicated by your pilot. The most important thing is not to sit down until your pilot tells you to! We do not jump off the mountain.

Before you know it you will be paragliding!

signal hill take off paragliding

Shortly after take off your pilot will help you to sit comfortably in your harness

Sitting in the harness after take off

You enjoy your flight and smile for the camera!

Tandem paragliding selfie with a happy client and pilot

We land gently on our feet; sometimes you may have to run a step or two depending on the wind at landing.

Our landings are either on grassy fields, the take off spot or on the beach.

Soft tandem flight landing in Sea Point

You tell all your friends about the awesome flight you experienced with The Tandem Flight Company!